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Welcome to Toss’n Towel™, the first-of-its-kind game towel!

Anyone can play, anywhere and any time. Simply spread out your Toss’n Towel™, grab the Toss’n Sacks, and start the fun!

Featuring an oversized, high-quality beach towel with colorful, attention-grabbing graphics, Toss'n Towel is lightweight, extremely portable, and easy to pack up and store. Most of all, it’s fun for game lovers of all ages!

Each game includes eight Toss’n Sacks (four each in two different colors), and a convenient cinch string backpack carrying bag.

Choose from among three Toss’n Towel Game Towels, each richly detailed with their own game design for long-lasting enjoyment. The colors pop and the game rocks!

Apples Toss’n Towel

Original Little Green Apples Toss’n Towel – Go head to head with your best bud!

Toss’n Reef

Toss’n Reef – Find adventure with your family under the waves!

Toss’n Baseball

Toss’n Baseball – Be the Strikeout Ace or Homerun King! Better yet, achieve every pro baller’s dream and “hit for the cycle!”

Coming Soon...!

Toss’n Football

Toss’n Basketball

Toss’n Soccer

Game Rules

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Tournament Rules and Fundraising Guide


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